Your  genetic diet report. Details include Diet management, Weight response, Food tolerances, Food taste preferences, Vitamins and supplements to name a few.


Your  genetic fitness report. Details include Power and Endurance, Injury and Recovery, Exercise Performance and Exercise Response and more.


Details include Cardio power, Detox power, Hormone function, Inflamation , Methylation  and Brain power to name but a few

"As I have gotten older, I noticed my old methods for weight management were becoming less effective. I was struggling with blood sugar management and insulin resistance, which were both contributing to hormone imbalances. 


I recently completed the DNA Power tests for both diet and fitness. I was able to see, based on my gene variants, what diet and fitness modifications would be most beneficial for me. In my case healthy fats, not carbohydrates, were my preferred fuel source. The testing eliminated all the guess-work and revealed my keys to improve my health.


The amount of personalized information was quite incredible, and with Melanie's help, the recommendations were easily incorporated into my lifestyle. It was such an insightful exercise that my husband also went through the process, and we are planning to have our children tested next. "

Susan Esposito - Client since 2014

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